[ubuntu-uk] new mail notification in system tray?

Adam Bagnall ajb35 at kent.ac.uk
Sat Jan 12 23:38:54 GMT 2008

Mac wrote:
> Apologies if this request about Thunderbird is a bit off-topic, but it 
> should be brief if anyone has a ready answer.  I've been googling around 
> for days and can't find one.
> I'm running Thunderbird (installed via Ubuntuzilla) on Feisty. 
> Is there add on or applet to provide a persistent indicator in the 
> system tray when there's new mail waiting to be read?
> This used to be a feature in T/bird and was visible in the 
> system tray even if T/bird was minimised or obscured by another window; 
> but ver 2.x seems only to have a transient pop-up when new mail arrives. 
>   So if you're been away from the computer, and want to check if there's 
> any waiting mail, you can't at a glance.
> Any ideas?
> Mac
I think mail-notification might be what you're after. It's in the 
repositories. The only thing to watch out for is the repository version 
doesn't have ssl support if you need it.


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