[ubuntu-uk] Jerky Streaming Video.

Andrew Jenkins andrew.jenkins at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 9 21:17:35 GMT 2008

Tom Bamford wrote:
> Andrew Jenkins wrote:
>> Whenever I try to watch any streaming video such
>> as BBC iPlayer or YouTube things aren't right.
>> After a few minutes the video will start to pause
>> and jump in short bursts, the sound is fine. I'm
>> guessing that my machine cannot cope (or at least
>> the video card can't), when this happens the processor
>> fan will have wound up to flat-out.
>> The laptop in question is a Sony Vaio with a 2.4GHz
>> Pentium 4 and 1Gb of RAM, more than enough for video.
>> I know the internet connection isn't to blame as my
>> wifes 1.7GHz Toshiba (connected via the same wireless
>> access point) manages the video no problem.
>> I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 with Gnome 2.2 and using Firefox
>> to watch the video. Running 'top' shows FF
>> is using around 7% CPU when the video is paused and
>> more like 85% when the video is playing.
>> Anybody have any ideas where to start looking?
>> Andy Jenkins.
> I would start with the flash plugin as that's what YouTube and the BBC 
> iPlayer uses. What version of flash do you have installed?
> Regards,
> Tom

OK, well the Adobe site reports that I have "LNX 9,0,48,0"
and as the BBC iPlayer specifies Flash 9 I'm guessing that
shouldn't be a problem.


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