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taufanlubis ifanlbs at indosat.net.id
Wed Jan 9 00:24:53 GMT 2008

> > Save yourself some hassle and replace the Ubuntu server with IPCop and
> > Advproxy/Urlfilter and your setup as you described is pretty much
> > complete. Of course at this point your Wireless Modem is not doing much,
> > so replace it with a USB/PCI one direct into the IPCop box.
> Thing is the Ubuntu server is not only used for firewall/filtering, I
> use it for running BackupPC as well - can IPCop run that? I don't
> however see the need to move to IPCop as the Ubuntu server does
> everything I need it to.
> Thanks for the reply.

Have you tried to use iptables?
It's easier and you still can use your Ubuntu.





and you can use tcptrack to monitor your tcp traffic

but make sure to check your security hole.


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