[ubuntu-uk] A question for sysadmins

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 18:48:17 GMT 2008

> The question's already been answered, but I wanted to suggest using
> something like rsnapshot.  Daily backup's of 10GB will very quickly get
> big.  Why not use rsnapshot, or one of the various other incremental
> backup tools to only copy what has actually changed?
> Kind Regards,
> Dave Walker

Hi Dave,

In the future I think I'll look at it. Unfortunately however the web
application is being migrated off that particular server so the
question was more to satisfy my own curiosity ;-)

I work in a Windows based IT department (the only Linux stuff we have
is a couple of servers I've put in - and they usually end up getting
replaced with a Windows box sooner or later whether I like it or not
lol), and unfortunately that's the OS the backup storage device is
running. Rsync server component won't work on Windows will it?



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