[ubuntu-uk] Open Source video recorder

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 20:28:54 GMT 2008

I have had one for months... I love it :-) Got it because I finally
got tired of VHS.

Being a developer I couldn't help but get hacking, and have developed
a web interface for it. When it is usable you will be able to schedule
recordings remotely, as well as start/stop recording/playback. Many
more ideas, and loads of help from the official Neuros developers.

In all a good device. It has its occasional quirks, but unlike devices
from most other manufacturers, they get fixed (helped by having an
open bug tracker).

Matthew (with apologies for the uncontrollable top-post)

On 07/01/2008, LeeGroups <mailgroups at varga.co.uk> wrote:
> > You may already have seen this.  If you haven't, doesn't it sound neat?
> >   And cheap...
> >
> > http://tinyurl.com/2lp8wb
> >
> That is so funny.... NY Times article dated yesterday...
> Neuros has been about since 2005, the OSD has been around since late 2006...
>  From what I've read, it's an OK bit of kit, that's gradually getting
> better over time.
> Though it's no Tivo or MythTV yet... :)
> Lee
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