[ubuntu-uk] Display blanking despite settings in gnome-power-manager and gnome-screensaver

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Mon Jan 7 09:15:14 GMT 2008


There is a bug i think when using ATI cards (we always blame the
graphics cards!)... after much googling, on a friends machine with the
machine problem i came across this to add to the end
of /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "ServerFlags"
 Option "BlankTime" "0"
 Option "StandbyTime" "0"
 Option "SuspendTime" "0"
 Option "OffTime" "0"

Worked for me so you can give it a try.


On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 21:26 +0000, Iain Lane wrote:
> Hello all,
> I switched to Gutsy from Windows a couple of months ago and have been
> having a blast ever since. However, there is this one problem that I've
> been having ever since the switch and it's pretty annoying. I'd been
> living with it for a few weeks until I got a new laptop (eee pc),
> installed Xubuntu on it and started seeing the exact same problem. Here
> goes:
> After exactly 10 minutes of idleness (no KB or mouse activity), the
> screen will go blank (very irritating when watching movies as players do
> not seem to be able to disable this, either). This is not a blank
> screensaver, as I changed the saver to something else and still just get
> a black screen. In gnome-power-manager (System -> Preferences -> Power
> Management), all sliders are set to "Never". In gnome-screensaver
> (System -> Preferences -> Screensaver), the "Regard the computer as idle
> after" slider is at 40 minutes. Here's what I've tried and failed to do
> so far - nothing made any difference at all:
> * Disable DPMS in xorg.conf
> * Remove gnome-screensaver
> * Install xscreensaver instead
> * Remove gnome-power-management (all per [1])
> Anyone have any ideas what would be causing the screen to blank, and how
> I can stop it? It seems counterintuitive that all of the applets to
> manage this are being ignored.
> Iain
> [1] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=582578

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