[ubuntu-uk] IDE Flash Card Readers - Recommendations

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Hi Lee

Thanks.  OK, next question is how do laptops with in built card readers do

I admit I'm not sure if they are connected to the USB, PCI or IDE .... but
presuming it's the USB is there anything I need to look out for when looking
for a card reader, apart from what I've already mentioned?

The ability to boot from a CF card is not on my immiediate horizon, although
to use it as a place to run apps from may well be.


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> Hands up, I'm confused!  I'm trying to find myself a Card REader that will
> specifically take CF and SD cards that I can connect to my IDE that
> hot, err thingy that allows you to take the cards in and out without
> powering the PC down.  Don't think this feature is supported on Linux yet,
> but my PC is dual boot and this reader is at the moment to be used with
> M$ installation, but I don't want to get hardware that's not going to be
> Linux compatible.
> Does anyone have any recommendations?  I primarily want IDE as I intend to
> hard mount it into one of the drive bays of my home PC.
> I've looked at Linux Emporium, Amazon, Dabs, LinEx and a few others that I
> came across, and although I found a lot of readers, none give those
> reassuring words of Linux / Unix compatible.
I'm pretty sure IDE doesn't support hot swapping within it's

That said some of the more expensive PCI RAID controller cards, like the
ones from 3Ware, support it, but it's down to the cards electronics and
the cards drivers, I doubt any generic motherboard IDE interface will
let you do this...

The better option may to boot from a USB card reader, most new
motherboards can do this with a setting in the bios....


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