[ubuntu-uk] Lost Signal

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Jan 4 22:04:32 GMT 2008

John Taylor wrote:

> Tried suggestion twice but it tries to load but to no avail(I say OK to 
> all suggestion)
> Cant boot with "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" - have to switch off
> Any other ideas?.........When it tries to load desktop I hear a sound of 
> drums in the distance very faint!
> Regards
> John

If you're saying yes to all questions it could be trying to use a 
resolution that isn't suitable for your monitor (I've seen this on my 
other half's desktop with a 15" LCD, it tries to use a default of 

Did you select the right graphics card driver?

Maybe using vesa might work?

When you get to the video modes used by the X server (it's in the 
monitor configuration), try scrolling down the list.

On my machine it has a asterisk next to 1280x1024, 1152x864, 1024x768, 
800x600 and 640x480.  Looks a bit like this...

[*] 1280x1024
[ ] 1280x800
[ ] 1280x768
[ ] 1200x800
[*] 1152x864
[ ] 1152x768
[*] 1024x768
[*] 800x600
[*] 640x480

It might be worth de-selecting anything higher than 1024x768 (just 
select the item from the list and press the space bar to select/deselect 
an item).

When it comes to selecting monitor characteristics, try using the Simple 
selection and selecting the size nearest to your screen size (if it's a 
TFT monitor you *might* get away with selecting the next size up).

After you've reconfigured X, don't forget to restart gdm (or just issue 
the command startx at the command line prompt to give it a try).  If you 
get any error messages, try and post them if you can.

Anyway, hope this helps.


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