[ubuntu-uk] df and du give different results

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 20:18:42 GMT 2008

> Chris
> I have just done some testing as promised with the hidden trash folder on my
> ntfs drive and found that both df -h and du -hs /* did not report the
> changes in file sizes on the /media volume until I manually deleted the
> files from it (therefore it would appear that both commands respond to
> changes in hidden files at least when files are deleted from them). However
> they were consistently 0.9 Gb adrift in the sizes they were reporting
> despite the fact that the folder I was using for testing was a little under
> 300 Mb.
> I am going to do some more testing as this happens to have some bearing on
> my line of work. I will post back if I come up with anything
> significant/relevant/interesting.
> If anyone out there can provide a full explanation of why/how this occurs I
> would be very interested. I am sad enough that I find this kind of thing
> fascinating :-)
> I hope you resolve your issue soon.
> Stu
Thanks for that Stu,


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