[ubuntu-uk] pc parts compatibility

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Jan 1 19:18:46 GMT 2008

Farran wrote:
> use the shiny graphics on Ubuntu, possibly delve into Video Editing... 
> and prove to my friends that Linux is better than Windows :P!
> Aria still do not have that m/b in stock, so I might get that and the 
> graphics card from Novatech.

Actually the shiny graphics work on my other half's IBM Thinkpad with a 
Celeron M 1.4 and Intel on-board graphics, so I'd say any 3D graphics 
card (ATI or NVidia) would happily do the job.  I'd think it would be 
the same for video editing too (although for Video Editing, Firewire 
*might* be useful if you're going to be importing video from a DV video 
camera, oh and bags of hard drive space regardless).


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