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Fri Feb 29 21:03:30 GMT 2008


>> On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
>>> I'm thinking about starting a new sport called Ubuntu Spotting.
>>> Using your
>>> keen eye, look out for indications of Ubuntu use in every day life.
>>> Points
>>> are awarded for spotting:-
>>> * Machines running Ubuntu
>>> * Articles about Ubuntu in mainstream press
>>> * Official Ubuntu "shipit" CDs
>>> * Overhearing people talking about Ubuntu
>>> * Spotting references to Ubuntu on other peoples computers
>>> * (suggestions?)
>>> Of course points can only be awarded if you happened upon these
>>> things, and
>>> not if you personally influenced their use or placement. I guess
>>> many of us
>>> play this game subconciously really, but I think we should be more
>>> active in
>>> this sport, and promote its play.
>>> I had one of these today..
>>> I got called into a workshop style meeting at $work where a
>>> representative
>>> from $large_software_vendor came in to talk about their
>>> $fantastic_product.
>>> He put up his laptop PC on the projector and in amongst the mess of
>>> icons on
>>> his Windows XP desktop I spotted an Ubuntu ISO image.
>>> Probably not worth many points in this game, but still, a spot is a
>>> spot!
>>> "Have you spotted today?"
>>> Cheers,
>>> Al.
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>>> https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UKTeam/
>> Around a year ago I was having my hair cut, the barber and another guy
>> were talking about "this thing called Ubuntu - apparently it's like
>> Windows but better". Made my day to hear it :-)
>> How about putting your old/used/spare ShipIt CDs in interestingly
>> amusing places?
>> Kris
> I was once sat in the solid rock cafe while skiving off university
> when I overheard two lads talking about ubuntu. "its pure good, its
> what all the hackers use to break into banks and stuff". I promptly
> looked over and he had his laptop out with a terminal open.
> We ended up talking and sorting out his definition of "hackers". Hehe
> I have also seen it being used on the computers in "lynx computing", a
> small pc shop in Glasgow.
> Many people in uni have also tried ubuntu out along with a few members
> at my workplace (apple).
> Its definetly spreading!
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> Mr JE Grabham

Hi all does this score as a ¨spot¨?
I recently introduced my girlfriend to Ubuntu and dual booted both her laptop and desktop with WXP,
Even though she had never heard of Ubuntu before, gets on very well with it, she likes it, and i like 
her very much too. 
The ¨spot¨ however concerns her interest being piqued by a conversation on the train ride home 
between two ¨geek types¨ who were discussing the use of Ubuntu by an (un named ) charity 
that they both work for. 
Any points 

of Ubuntu. here for that?

Who's friends with who and co-starred in what?

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