[ubuntu-uk] mame x

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Feb 29 09:38:51 GMT 2008

Quoting Javad Ayaz <javadayaz at gmail.com>:

> yes i prefer to run it off a disc compared to putting it on the hard drive!
> i will check that out!
> An xbox iso not the same as a normal iso then?
> Regards
> Javad

Nope, they're ever so slightly different.  I think your best bet is to  
goto www.xbox-scene.com and have a read up on their tutorials.  It  
should tell you everything you need to know as it seems to be getting  
way off the topic of Ubuntu now, and it's a legal grey area discussing  
XBOX execuitables such as MameoX which are compiled using the  
Microsoft XBOX SDK's and therefore are technically illegal as they're  
not licenced by Microsoft.


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