[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu based Community centre in Exeter - the latest

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Feb 29 07:25:15 GMT 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> Not sure about the menu entries on a KDE/Gnome install, but there's 
> presumably no reason at all why you couldn't dual boot two installations?
>     The client machines themselves will all be recycled old machines made
>     around 1998 with AMD K6/2 450MHz processors with about 64/128MB each,
>     they will boot from Compact Flash to IDE adaptors using Etherboot
>     (unfortunately the smallest CF card I could find was 1GB, very
>     overkill!)
> Not sure that 128MB will  be enough for Ubuntu/Kubuntu.  I'd have 
> thought that you were into Xubuntu territory there...
> Sean

It's using LTSP on the server so the clients will be booting up a basic 
kernel, X and then running the programs on the server side (you can 
actually get away with a Pentium 120 with 32MB memory).

The great thing about it is because the server is a quad core 2.4GHz 
Xeon with 4GB memory it will handle the actual running of the apps.

This will give you an idea of what I mean (although we're using a fixed 
installation rather than a mobile LTSP installation) - 


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