[ubuntu-uk] Accounting software ?

Joshua Scotton josh at JoshuaScotton.com
Tue Feb 26 10:11:50 GMT 2008

> Have you looked at LedgerSMB[1] at all?  I have to admit that the whole
> business of accounting is something of a black art to me, so I wouldn't
> know a good accounting package if it slapped me in the face with a
> purchase ledger, but many years ago I started a project to create just
> such a package to help my wife keep track of her business accounts in
> the hope that there would be other people who knew more about accounting
> and wanted to scratch that itch.  That didn't really work out for me,
> but LedgerSMB (and the project it forked from, SQL-Ledger [2]) looks to
> have developed into the project I'd hoped to create.
I briefly looked at SQL-Ledger a year or so ago and I hadn't heard of
LedgerSMB. LedgerSMB looks very promising and a lot better suited to
small businesses than GnuCash. I'll test it properly when I get the

I still think there's a need for a desktop based business accounting
package for linux though. IMHO GnuCash is a good alternative to Quicken
but there's nothing to equal Sage or even Quickbooks for the linux

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