[ubuntu-uk] Bottom Screen Bar

John Taylor john.68taylor at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 13 08:49:25 GMT 2008

Alec Wright wrote:
> Right click on the top one and click New Panel
> Drag the new panel to the bottom if it aint already there
> Right click on the new panel click on add to panel and choose the
> things you want to add. In mine it goes: Show desktop, Window list
> (not selector), workspace switcher, trash.
> On 12/02/2008, John Taylor <john.68taylor at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> After updating to 7.10 some time ago I lost the bottom bar on the screen
>> where the trash can (how I hate that American word) used to sit along
>> with other  minimised programs, how the  hell can I get it back!
>> John Taylor
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Thanks for info...have tried your suggestion but it doesn't do what I 
want (at least on my machine)...... a simple example is the MPPLAYER 
(Gnome) ....I activate it, produce music, minimize at which moment it 
disappears like a ferret down a drainpipe but the only way I can switch 
off the station is to reboot!


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