[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server - sys req?

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Feb 11 14:19:33 GMT 2008

Chris Rowson wrote:
> I'm running Ubuntu gutsy on the $6 a month plan from these guys...
> http://vpsvillage.com/
> It's my mucking about with machine.
> For larks I stuck a minimal GUI onto it too (IceWM as I remember) just
> to see if it worked... (it did by the way and not too badly)
> Chris

Wow, that is cheap. I've kinda steered clear of hosting abroad, on the 
grounds that if I can't go bang on their front door, they can get away 
with shrugging their shoulders. Have you had any service problems? And 
are there any bandwidth restrictions? (Can't find any details on their 



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