[ubuntu-uk] HDD drives... which brand(s)?

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 23:35:33 GMT 2008

> I have to agree, the most reliable type of hard drive is "RAID array". 
> I've had a software RAID1 array for four years now, have had several 
> different brands fail (including Seagate, Maxtor and Western Digital) 
> but have not lost one jot of data.
> I presented a Software RAID1 HowTo using mdadm a while back at our local 
> LUG, the notes are here:
> http://www.aoakley.com/articles/2007-04-18.php
> Hard drives do fail, no matter which brand.
Raid is more reliable, but let's not get carried away...
A power supply going bang, a lightning strike close by or just a 
miss-key will kill all your drives or delete all your  data, no matter 
how good your raid array is...
I've seen it happen all to often... Even to technorati who think they 
know it all... I can't image the pain of losing 10+ years worth of 
digital photos, never mind the documents, videos, music, etc...

As I keep saying to my friends/relations/colleges, back your data up 
*before* you realise how valuable it really is...

The best advice is to buy a separate USB harddrive, every so often copy 
all your data to it, and then UNPLUG it and put it in a draw somewhere. 
Preferably in a different town....

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