[ubuntu-uk] Video Editing - AVID?

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 3 15:52:35 GMT 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> Anybody any ideas with OSS and/or Linux for this friend from Glastonbury?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sean
> =============
> i have an external hard drive with a bunch of video footage from the
> sunrise festival to be edited - it has been captured in avid , the
> file are not compatable with my editing program - adobe cs3
> i have downloaded and installed avid dv to import thyem and export
> them as an avi file, but it is incompatible with my video card
> arrrrgh!!!!
> its a frustrating week for me computerwise
> does anyone here use avid and could convert the files for me or have
> any solution?
> :)

Talked to my son who's a TV editor.  Sounds like your friend has got 
Avid's native OMFI files, for which there's almost certainly no 
readily-available converter.  Best bets are (a) get hold of the original 
video source and capture it yourself to a format your editing software 
uses;  (b)  find someone with Avid, and have them export the files in a 
format you can edit (apparently professional editors would export to 
QuickTime to swap files with each other).



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