[ubuntu-uk] affuse: FUSE support is disabled (Ubuntu 7.10)

Stuart Bird e_tective at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 1 10:21:13 GMT 2008


>to enable FUSE support in Ubuntu. (I have fuse-utils installed)

Yes, I have :) 


Unfortunately trying to conduct forensic examination tasks as a normal user is like pulling teeth, so it's a necessary evil I'm afraid. I mainly use "sudo su" for tasks that require escalated privileges (file carving, imaging etc) and then do the rest (searching, information gathering, reporting etc) with a user account. I should also mention that the examination machine has a specific user account and group for forensic work and it hardly ever ( updated once a month usually) gets connected to the outside world so the risk is greatly reduced. But yes, I fully agree that it's a bad idea generally to run as root.


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