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Renjith Nair renjith4 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 22:31:26 GMT 2008

Hi Jai,

Eclipse is still a good bet for all these requirements if you are developing
in Java. I am not so sure about the PHP  support as i haven't used eclipse
for editing php.  If your are using Subversion Plugin and the necessary
connectors for it, it won't be much difficult to hook it to a local svn
server (Do 'apt-get install subversion' in ubuntu to install subversion).
Eclipse autocompletion is also good. If you feel the configurations of
eclipse are cumbersome, try Netbeans (http://www.netbeans.org/index.html)
which has got php,Java support and much easier to configure.

hope this helps


2008/12/24 Jai Harrison <jai at jaiharrison.com>

> Hey fellow Ubuntu users,
> I have recently been trying to work out how to do a number of things
> involved in programming on my machine. What I would like is version
> control along with different revision comparisons and possibly (not
> essential but nice to have) auto completion. I tend to develop in PHP
> and Java at the moment and have always previously used Eclipse for
> Java and gEdit for PHP.
> Eclipse works well for Java development however I've been unable to
> get version control to work inside it (namely because I've had trouble
> trying to get a local SVN instance to work). PHP development I'm not
> so sure about using it for - I've looked at Eclipse PDT but it seems a
> bit excessive for what I want and I found myself getting lost in the
> interface.
> So to summarise:
> - Version Control
> - Revision Comparisons
> - PHP and Java
> - Autocompletion (not essential but nice to have)
> Anyone have any experience in applications to meet these requirements?
> Jai
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