[ubuntu-uk] compiz startup doesn't work

Farran fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 16 21:30:58 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 14:05 +0000, Andrew Oakley wrote:

> Alan Pope wrote:
> > 2008/12/16 Andrew Oakley <andrew at aoakley.com>:
> > > This sounds like a broken xorg.conf file. Try running without an
> > > xorg.conf file. Hardy and Intrepid should manage without one, and/or
> > > automatically generate a new one for you. Then use the restricted
> > > drivers utility System ->  Administration -> Hardware Drivers (NOT
> > > ENVY!!!) to install drivers if required.
> > You know envy is in the repo these days, and the author is not only a
> > MOTU but is Featured Contributor on the hall of fame?
> I don't doubt that envy is ideal for getting the most out of hardware,
> but if you're starting from a situation where the desktop just plain
> Does Not Work, it'd be better not to complicate things. Start from a
> blank page (no xorg.conf) and work up. Once you've got the basics
> working, and the restricted drivers, and compiz, then you can start
> worrying about which driver gives good 4xAA performance or whatnot. I've
> found envy to work great provided I install envy drivers on top of an
> already working system. Conversely, I've found envy to complicate
> matters unnecessarily when applied to a non-working system.
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> Andrew Oakley
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cheers everyone so far :D I have aactually already tried the normal
jockey, which was fine, I just tried envy as an alternative option - the
only difference was they recommended different releases of the driver.
But I think I might have partly discovered the issue, which is
completely different :S. When I set up my pc, I only set aside 15gb for
the main (not /home) partition. ...That's full. *embarrassed* hehe damn.
I discovered that after looking in the xorg.conf and running the
reconfigure command, which threw 'Device full' at me. I checked, and so
it was. So it would possibly appear that even if I did try to update, I
can't :/. Is it possible to safely resize the partitions?

Thanks xD
Farran Lee
I'm only 16 :-P
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