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Roger Lancefield rlancefield at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 11:57:55 BST 2008

2008/8/7 London School of Puppetry <lspinfo at gmail.com>

In a conversation recently someone said to me that Ubuntu is only for
> techies.....and blokes at that- and young blokes at that!
> Out of interest, as a middle-aged woman- I rarely see any other female
> names on the forum- but I really like Ubuntu but could not do without the
> help from the Forum
> -what is the general format of the forum?and could anything be done to
> change the age/gender profile to make Ubuntu more accessible to others-OR
> are there lots of middle-aged females out there?
> Caroline

Just had a quick scan of the Ubuntu-UK members list and only spotted a
couple of female names. Where are the dozen or so girls who made that
impressive entrance (sweeping in as a group fashionably late, all wearing
Ubuntu T-shirts) to the Hardy Heron launch party back in April? It was
heartening to see them and it helped make the event feel much more socially
balanced. There were women present before they turned up, but probably only
half a dozen or so, if memory serves. I didn't get a chance to talk to
anyone from the group, but assumed that most would be on this mailing list
at least.

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