[ubuntu-uk] webmin, was Ubuntu RAID Management

Johnathon Tinsley kirrus at kirrus.co.uk
Mon Aug 25 23:06:37 BST 2008

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James Westby wrote:
| On Sat, 2008-08-23 at 21:17 +0100, Johnathon Tinsley wrote:
|> Its absence is deliberate, and its not licensing related. Webmin plays
|> with the config files of programs it alters in nasty ways. I don't know
|> the specifics, but both Ubuntu & Debian refuse to package it.
| Hi,
| I think Alan is more correct. It was removed simply as the maintainer
| had no time for it, and no-one else has stepped up to maintain it.
| It certainly does have the reputation of being bad in Debian and Ubuntu
| though, perhaps with reason.
| When the server team was quite recently looking for something like
| webmin to provide, one of the developers spent some time looking for
| evidence to back this claim up. They couldn't find anything. If you
| know of any then please could you pass it on to me so I can forward it?
| I imagine they would like to have evidence of why they are using
| ebox instead of webmin.

Webmin does appear to introduce instabilities into the systems during
dist upgrade. However, it can probably be patched up quite easily, if a
maintainer & devs decided to work on it.

All I've seen as I've spent half an hour looking round google searches
for this one, is that it doesn't use the debian way of doing things,
which makes it a bit more unstable.

The other problem I've seen with this, is when a customer is using
webmin, to add apache vhosts, when they've got a non-standard setup in
apache. That caused apache to belm for a while..


| Thanks,
| James

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