[ubuntu-uk] Urgent T Shirt (ladies) question

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Aug 22 21:04:39 BST 2008

I have purchased a Hardy Heron (ladies) T shirt for the good looking 
one according to size charts, and the item delivered is actually much 
smaller. Does anyone have knowledge of actual measured sizes of this 
item? I have an option to accept a refund or to change it for a L 
(large) size item, which is the only other in-stock item (no XL 
available). I would prefer to avoid a refund but believe the Large 
size might also be very undersized.

As Purchased:
size M(medium) which in the size charts  is shown as being
M S/M 38-41 (inches) which I take to be chest measurement, perhaps I 
am wrong.

The person hoping to wear it measures 39 inches chest measurement, so 
it seemed appropriate to buy the size M after looking at the size 
charts (Medium is sized at 38-41 inches).

As received, the T shirt measured as 34 inches at chest position, not 
the expected 38-42 inches, although it was marked 'M' as ordered.

Ok so I want to change it for a larger size.... but what size? The 
size charts indicate:
S/M 38-41 (medium)
M/L 42-45 (large)
XL 46-49 (X large) (unfortunately currently out of stock)

If anyone has purchased an item from this range I would be grateful 
for comments about its real measured size compared to its size chart 
listing - to help me decide if for example the 'Large' size item would 
be realistic for a woman with 39 inches chest measurement....

(and associated size chart)
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391
Linux user #360648

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