[ubuntu-uk] Radio Software

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Aug 21 18:25:04 BST 2008

Chris Weaver wrote: I'm stuck on
> application at the moment. Our legal logger - this is simply a 
> application that records an mp3 file from a live input creating a new 
> file every 24 hours. Currently we use 
> http://www.cooolsoft.com/mp3rec.htm but searching the linux-audio pages 
> I'm unable to find a similar application.

Darklog will do the job:


It's a pig to compile and get working though.

I believe it is actually possible to do this with Darkice as it can 
output to a file.

This might help...  http://groups.drupal.org/node/8475

I've been trying to get something similar working for a hospital radio 
station (albeit it's not legal logging) but not actually had much time 
to get a solution working.

Another option if you have a fast enough machine is to setup a cron job 
to record using something like alsa'a arecord and give it a duration of 
86400 seconds (24 hours) and get it to run say at 12am every night, and 
then have another cron job which compresses the existing audio into OGG 
or MP3 format (from experience when I worked at GCap we used to send 
audio on CD in WMA format to Ofcom so presumably they'd probably want 
either audio CDs or MP3/WAV format audio).


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