[ubuntu-uk] Radio Software

Andrew Ball aball at students.prairiestate.edu
Thu Aug 21 14:58:06 BST 2008

Hello Chris,

  CW> Our legal logger - this is simply a application that
    > records an mp3 file from a live input creating a new
    > file every 24 hours. Currently we use
    > http://www.cooolsoft.com/mp3rec.htm but searching the
    > linux-audio pages I'm unable to find a similar
    > application.  Any ideas?

    I would favour a modular approach: use some fairly
ordinary recording software to capture each programme as a
.wav file (I prefer .au, but .wav seems more common these
days) and then while the next programme is airing, the
previous can be compressed into MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis, perhaps
for posting on your Web site. This could be automated fairly

    I'm assuming you want to do this for live shows.  If you
also have pre-recorded shows, you probably already get those
in digital (hopefully uncompressed) format.

- Andy Ball

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