[ubuntu-uk] Advanced vi/vim command - commenting out a large section

DarkOtter hello at darkotter.com
Mon Aug 18 18:42:47 BST 2008

> It's a little bit hacky, but the way I do that is to do a substitute with the
> 'start of line' token in the regexp. That way you can use a standard vim range
> e.g. 1,10 to do lines 1 to 11

EDIT: I forgot, if you want to do a range from the current cursor position you
can do it as '.,+x' where x is the number of lines after the one you're on.

e.g. ':.,+4s/^/# /' would comment out the line you're on and the four after it.

Also, you could use the program 'boxes' with the range if you want, e.g.
':.,+4!boxes -d shell'.

P.S. Sorry for double posting, I should think longer before I send to avoid
forgetting stuff :P

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