[ubuntu-uk] Fiddling with System

Ken Adams adams.ken.j at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 18 10:03:14 BST 2008

Just thought I'd post the results of a small bit of fiddling I have done
on my system, "To see if I can do it!!!" in the true spirit of the Linux

I have a GeForce FX 5500 graphics card with 256Mb ram running on my
system with an Acer AL1702 monitor running 1280x1024 resolution. On the
back of the graphics card is a DVI output.

Having visited a local PC emporium I know have a DVI->VGA converter
attached and a Dell P791 17" CRT monitor running 1024x768 resolution.
After looking round the nvidia-settings panel I have now setup the 2nd
monitor on the left side, NOT running Xinerama.


I now have a fully working second desktop on the Dell Monitor, Fully
functional with its' own taskbar etc. Very handy for watching video
files and still having a fully functioning EMPTY desktop on my main

Just thought I'd pass on my findings to show it can be down EASILY,

Rgds Ken

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