[ubuntu-uk] stickers free with Linux Format Magazine this month

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Fri Aug 15 18:48:35 BST 2008

Anyone lament the days when you used to have multiple options for
magazines?  CD edition or DVD edition, magazine itself still the same.

When I bought a copy of Linux Format at Paddington Station a year or
two back the man said "blimey! £5.95? that's expensive" -- and it is,
compared to things like Motor Racing magazines etc. which are normally

I don't actually NEED any of the stuff on the DVD most months - it'd
be nice to have the option to not receive it.

Why do I want a copy of Mandriva 2000 if I'm happily running Ubuntu,
or OpenSUSE or whatever else (which I could download anyway)....

Am I alone in this thought?


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