[ubuntu-uk] help Ubuntu/freesoftwareize the third season of the IT crowd!

Gordon Allott gordallott at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 18:23:38 BST 2008

A friend poked me towards 
today, which is the blog of graham linehan (creator/writer of the it 
crowd), basically the jist is that normally he designs the look of the 
it crowd, all the t-shirts and stickers and such but doesn't have time 
for this season so is asking his blog readers to submit ideas, I think 
this is the perfect opportunity for us to get some propaganda into TV 
land ;)

Please send your suggestions to ben.capel at talkbackthames.tv
We also need to get legal permission to use the stuff, and we need to 
get it fast, so please include as much information as you can regarding 
contact details etc etc.
Gord Allott (gordallott at gmail.com)

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