[ubuntu-uk] Norm's complaint

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu Aug 7 15:05:17 BST 2008

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> Norman >>> I really sympathise with you about this, and I have had 
> similar irritations and exasperations (mostly with wifi and printers). 
> I guess, after a while, I've tended to think, "Well, the person who 
> writes and maintains this software is probably doing it for free, in 
> between earning his or her living, seeing to the kids, maintaining the 
> house, and all the other stuff we all struggle with.

I am not seeking sympathy I am just feeling sorry for the unsuspecting
non-technical user on whom the problem descends. Although it is a
nuisance I quite enjoy the challenge to put things right.
> Then I remember how good the GNU/Linux system in general, Ubuntu in 
> particular, and most of the FOSS apps I run are:  stunningly good, and 
> basically stable and reliable, despite the occasional infuriatingly 
> stupid issue of the sort you describe.

You are absolutely correct and these are some of the reasons that I use
> But things are no better elsewhere.  

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> That software breaks is annoying.  But software breaks on all operating 
> systems.  At least here there's some chance of help from the community. 
>   I couldn't see me ever giving that up to go back to a monopolist 
> vendor if I could possibly avoid it, especially to rely on them for 
> making my living.  (And I notice that the most frequent reason given on 
> this list for using Win or OSX - apart from, like me, "that's what my 
> employer says I have to use!" - is merely that there's no equivalent 
> FOSS software for some very specific and critical job;  never because 
> "they're just more reliable for real work".)

> So Ubuntu may give you grief sometimes;  but don't forget what the 
> alternatives are really like!

I am not allowed to forget because of the need to have Windows available
because there is no suitable application in Ubuntu.


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