[ubuntu-uk] Age and gender

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Thu Aug 7 10:24:21 BST 2008

And apparently there is also

On Thu, 2008-08-07 at 10:08 +0100, London School of Puppetry wrote:
> In a conversation recently someone said to me that Ubuntu is only for
> techies.....and blokes at that- and young blokes at that!
> Out of interest, as a middle-aged woman- I rarely see any other female
> names on the forum- but I really like Ubuntu but could not do without
> the help from the Forum
> -what is the general format of the forum?and could anything be done to
> change the age/gender profile to make Ubuntu more accessible to
> others-OR are there lots of middle-aged females out there?
> Caroline
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