[ubuntu-uk] Another Linux portable

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Aug 6 14:56:49 BST 2008

Matt Jones wrote:

> £169.99, as stated on the maplins site. IIRC, they are using some kind 
> of ARM processor, and for the price I think you could pick up one of the 
> low end EEE's, which will out perform it by some considerable margin. 
> Probably better built as well.

Presumably it would be some derivative of Debian then? (I'm assuming 
this because Debian has an ARM port).

Still it's got to be good, the price of these units is constantly coming 
down.  Give it a year or two and they'll be like portable DVD players, 
available all over the place for under £100.

If it was under £100 I'd buy one for the kids to use.


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