[ubuntu-uk] Norm's complaint

Michael Holloway michael at thedarkwinter.com
Wed Aug 6 13:48:34 BST 2008

Norman, while I agree with you to some extent.

1: Have you tried running the XP -> Vista upgrade? VERRY Messy -
resulted in a re-format for me.

2: 4 Years! Something must be keeping you with us :)

There are a lot of issues with Windows & Mac & Ubuntu and various other
distros. Some of them really annoying, some of them you just learn to
live with. I have to deal with Outlook crashing on users machines at
work every day. Me personally - my evolution crashes every day.
Difference is I forked a lot of money out of my budget to pay for their
Outlook (+Office)! There is no way i can debug the crash, there is no
way i can fix it. Microsoft support is expensive and ineffective (in my
experience). If i have free software (both meanings of free) I accept
that there may be problems.

There are a lot of guys/girls in the FOSS world dedicating a lot of
their time (often without payment) to making things like Ubuntu what it
is today - a TRULY usable desktop OS.

And always remember, for every new bug there are two new features!

On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 12:58 +0100, norman wrote:
> I have used Ubuntu for almost 4 years and, from to time, there have been
> discussions on how to encourage the wider use of the package. The common
> recurring theme refers to ease of use and reliability and, after all
> this time, there are still most annoying defects rearing their ugly
> heads.
> Yesterday I decided to update my granddaughters computer from Edubuntu
> 7.10 to Edubuntu 8.04. No problem, I hear you say, just start Update
> Manager and take it from there. The process started telling me what was
> to happen and indicated that it would take about 2 1/2 hours. Great,
> files were downloaded and the installation process got underway until
> there were about 4 minutes to go then, everything ground to a halt.
> I am not very computerate and know very little about the ins and outs of
> Linux so what should I do? The first thought is to start again but I am
> not sure how to do that and, in any case, it would mean another 2 1/2
> hours with no guarantee of success, the second thought is to scrap
> Edubuntu and return to Windows. However, I am an obstinate sort of
> person so I posed the question on the Ubuntu-users list. Within a very
> short time there was a response by someone giving the following
> reference:-
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/langpack-locales/+bug/249340 
> There you have it - a very, very important procedure had a bug which
> prevented the final stages of the upgrade process and which has been
> known for some time. Is this way to gain confidence and attract new
> users? I was able to follow the various suggestions without which my
> granddaughter would be using Windows XP Pro today.
> OK, I have sounded off but this sort of thing should not be allowed to
> happen and I would be grateful if someone, who knows their way around
> the Canonical set up, could bring this to the attention of someone who
> cares about the future of Ubuntu.
> Norman 

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