[ubuntu-uk] Norm's complaint

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed Aug 6 12:58:58 BST 2008

I have used Ubuntu for almost 4 years and, from to time, there have been
discussions on how to encourage the wider use of the package. The common
recurring theme refers to ease of use and reliability and, after all
this time, there are still most annoying defects rearing their ugly

Yesterday I decided to update my granddaughters computer from Edubuntu
7.10 to Edubuntu 8.04. No problem, I hear you say, just start Update
Manager and take it from there. The process started telling me what was
to happen and indicated that it would take about 2 1/2 hours. Great,
files were downloaded and the installation process got underway until
there were about 4 minutes to go then, everything ground to a halt.

I am not very computerate and know very little about the ins and outs of
Linux so what should I do? The first thought is to start again but I am
not sure how to do that and, in any case, it would mean another 2 1/2
hours with no guarantee of success, the second thought is to scrap
Edubuntu and return to Windows. However, I am an obstinate sort of
person so I posed the question on the Ubuntu-users list. Within a very
short time there was a response by someone giving the following


There you have it - a very, very important procedure had a bug which
prevented the final stages of the upgrade process and which has been
known for some time. Is this way to gain confidence and attract new
users? I was able to follow the various suggestions without which my
granddaughter would be using Windows XP Pro today.

OK, I have sounded off but this sort of thing should not be allowed to
happen and I would be grateful if someone, who knows their way around
the Canonical set up, could bring this to the attention of someone who
cares about the future of Ubuntu.


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