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Javad Ayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 19:52:33 BST 2008

how does installing new apps on this work? like synaptic in ubuntu?

I think for the uptake of any technology by the masses...the hardware has to
be available...cheap-ish! How many people do you know that are willing to
fork £200plus for a phone! I know no one who has forked out on a
iphone...and thats supposed be the cool thing to have!!!....

fanboys are an exception to this rule!

2008/8/5 Tim Dobson <personalwebsite at army.com>

> Javad Ayaz wrote:
> > how is it network support and price wise though?
> It's completely SIM free.
> It should work on all UK networks, with the possible exception of "3".
> If you are on 3 you might need to do some research.
> (Like putting your SIM in a non-3g unlocked phone and seeing whether it
> works - I'm not sure how 3 works - whether they have normal gsm coverage)
> > i dont think the  networks in the UK support it.
> I have it working on o2 and my russian MTS sim cards work in it, in
> addition I have two deactivated prepay vodafone & orange sims who seem
> to work.
> > And £200 plus i doubt if anyone wants to buy it specially if free-er
> versions that do the same thing are available!
> https://www.truebox.co.uk/trueboxportal/index.php?wk=Openmoko
> ~£270 - I think one of great things about the phone is knowing you are
> part of a community making GNU/Linux on the mobile a reality.
> Sure manufacturers have based some phone on GNU/Linux for a while, but
> none have really offered many options about what you can do with it.
> In my opinion, it is a nice piece of kit (hardware) with massive
> potential (software) and a great starting point (the version of openmoko
> i'm currently running)
> :)
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