[ubuntu-uk] Opinions for a mobile phone in the Ubuntu community

Tim Dobson personalwebsite at army.com
Tue Aug 5 18:58:11 BST 2008

andylockran wrote:
> In all serious, can people stop recommending the freerunner.

This seems a bit of a strange request to me...

> It's a sure way of annoying people - recommending an "iphone killer"
> that doesn't make phone calls.

I don't suggest it's an "iphone killer" anymore than I hear Shuttleworth 
calling Ubuntu an "OS X killer".

If you did some research, or even just read my recommendation on the 
"Neo Freerunner" thread - you would see that it does make phone calls.

In fact there at least four distributions that support phone calls via 
UI, I can only speak for the OpenMoko distro so far for reliability (I 
haven't tested the others yet), but it works fine for me.

> It's a perfect example of "eyes bigger than" and has not yet evolved
> into anything useful... 

My freerunner is useful - though defining what "useful" means is going 
to be a point of debate.
Phone, SMS, Wifi, GPS, free software. useful to me.

> In my opinion they should have focussed on getting the basics right, and
> evolving it from there.

The Basics are the hardware.
they are solid. The software is "evolving" fast.

> Now, don't get me wrong, it'll be a class act once it's stable and
> release 1 is out of the door.. but having bought a neo1973 in July '07..
> well.. I'm a bit gutted.

The Freerunner is sexy :)

Try not to judge the Freerunner based on your experiences with the 1973, 
it sounds like a lot has changed :)

> I knew it was a development model, and was hoping to write applications
> to run ontop of the 'core'.

it seems PyGTK is the way to do that. I'm looking at doing some config 
GUIs with it.

> So.. don't but a neo until it stabilises - which I really hope it does -

It has stabilised on the Freerunner.

> Else £300 is alot to spend on a brick to post around friends.

indeed. you should take a look at the 1973 stuff again and see if you 
can benefit from the freerunner stuff, I get the impression a lot has 



[1] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Distributions

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