[ubuntu-uk] Opinions for a mobile phone in the Ubuntu community

andylockran andy at zrmt.com
Tue Aug 5 14:04:10 BST 2008

In all serious, can people stop recommending the freerunner.

It's a sure way of annoying people - recommending an "iphone killer"
that doesn't make phone calls.

It's a perfect example of "eyes bigger than" and has not yet evolved
into anything useful... sure you can buy it's GPS clone called "DASH"
for £300 as well as monthly subscription for maps.. hardly a compliment
to "free software".

In my opinion they should have focussed on getting the basics right, and
evolving it from there. Instead, someone changes the GUI half way
through, and then everything needs to be rewritten.

Now, don't get me wrong, it'll be a class act once it's stable and
release 1 is out of the door.. but having bought a neo1973 in July '07..
well.. I'm a bit gutted.

I knew it was a development model, and was hoping to write applications
to run ontop of the 'core'.

However, the core bloated so big.. it's was just not worth it for me..
Thinking it was my fault, I decided to make good by sending it around a
few open sourcerers (some of which are on this list) for them to have a
play with.  I've had the same response everytime.....

So.. don't but a neo until it stabilises - which I really hope it does -
Else £300 is alot to spend on a brick to post around friends.



Tim Dobson wrote:
> Javad Ayaz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Coming to the end of my contract, Im just wondering what Ubuntu 
>> community uses for its mobile needs, in relation with ubuntu ? i.e Sync, 
>> contacts, rss!
> Neo Freerunner!
> www.openmoko.com
> www.truebox.co.uk
> Failing that get a 3310 and be done with it :P
> /me runs

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