[ubuntu-uk] Geeks and Nerds

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 20:53:41 BST 2008

> Chris Rowson wrote:
>> I think from the replies, plus a little reading around - the answer
>> seems to be that the boundaries between geek and nerd are so blurred
>> that there isn't a single authoritative definition for either.
>> Any other opinions? Speak now or forever hold your geek....
> Chris >>> Is this part of your research for a  PhD in semiotics?  ;-)
> Mac

I'm afraid not old bean! I'd be somewhat pushed to do a GCSE in said
subject, never mind a PhD!

No, I'm sorry to say that my sudden interest in the meaning of Geek vs
Nerd stems from a conversation with the missus lol :-D


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