[ubuntu-uk] New FreeRunner

Tim Dobson personalwebsite at army.com
Sun Aug 3 13:13:54 BST 2008

James Tait wrote:
> Hi all,
> Need to be straight to the point, battery running low.  Someone (Popey?)
> mentioned something several months ago about a group of people getting
> New FreeRunners and a discount being available.  I'm looking to jump on
> that bandwagon -- can anyone remind me of details and whether the
> initiative is still alive?

I have a freerunner which I bought from www.truebox.co.uk

I believe it was one of the southern LUGs which was running a scheme. I 
*imagine* it has long since closed.

Looking forward to seeing you on #openmoko & stuff - the freerunner is 
one cool piece of kit!

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