[ubuntu-uk] Google & Privacy

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 1 13:27:48 BST 2008

Jeff Fisher wrote:
> Some on the list may not be aware that Google, for whatever reason, 
> record all search originations. I would be interested to know if 
> searches conducted through the Mozilla Ubuntu search plugin are subject 
> to the same criteria as normal Google searches. Would anyone know if, as 
> I suspect,  all searches are similarly recorded by Google?

AFAIR, Google log the originating IP addresses and details of the 
searches for all searches done through their servers, and keep the logs 
for two years.  They do the same for all their on-line services. And 
they reserve the right to data-mine the information you lodge with them, 
whether that is search data, Gmail mail, docs, calendars or whatever. 
They'll reveal your IP address only to law enforcement agencies for 
justifiable reasons;  but analysing all your data gives them a vast 
amount of saleable information about you, that can be used by Google and 
the organisations they sell their analyses to, for targetting adverts, 
services, campaigns, etc, to you without them having to let on exactly 
who you are.

And because we like the services they offer as a result of analysing our 
data, we ourselves agree to let them do this.  (Though I'm not entirely 
sure that everyone who signs up for Googlemail, Googledocs, Calendar or 
whatever realises that they are agreeing to let Google analyse their 
data and make commercial use of the results of those analyses.)


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