[ubuntu-uk] Suggest low power consumption silent PC

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Wed Apr 30 22:55:01 BST 2008

Sean Miller wrote:
> What are the relative merits of
[ the Aleutia ]
 > and the Linutop?  They appear to cost approx. the same price.

 From my cursory inspection, the Aleutia seems to have a much more 
rugged build quality - feels like a very solid bit of metal, almost as 
if it were cast from one piece of aluminium. It feels heavy, for its size.

Whereas the Linutop is a much more lightweight (low mass) device IIRC.

I'd happily mount a Linutop on a nail in some plasterboard, whereas I'd 
want rawlplugs and a load-bearing wall to mount the Aleutia.

You really wouldn't want the Aleutia to drop on your head.

Me, I'd rather go for either an ultraportable laptop (Asus Eee) or an 
NSLU2. I just don't see the benefit of a VGA port on something that 
small; if I want small and headless, there's the slug (and 150 quid 
change to spend on storage of my choice); if I want small and a display, 
there's the Eee.

I can see the point for thin clients, though. In which case, Aleutia for 
heavy duty situations, Linutop for domestic/known-safe scenarios.

Andrew Oakley

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