[ubuntu-uk] Idea- Torrents!

Huw Selley huw at munted.org
Tue Apr 29 13:28:06 BST 2008

Hi Javed,

On 29 Apr 2008, at 12:48, Javad Ayaz wrote:

> OK ill try and clarify…a torrent client running in ubuntu e.g  
> Ktorrent. I start a torrent. The save location is an external usb  
> hard drive. The torrent starts. I happily switch off my pc. The  
> download finishes. I startup my pc (whenever)..and download is there.

That is not going to work. Something has to run the torrent client for  
the entire time you participate in that torrent.  You will need to (as  
others have suggested) have an external device that you run the  
torrent client on which writes the data somewhere (direct attached  
storage, nfs mount, smb share etc etc).

Hope this helps

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