[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading to 8.04

Huw Selley huw at munted.org
Tue Apr 29 09:12:51 BST 2008


> Pete Stean wrote:
> > I've started to observe behaviour over the last couple of weeks that
> > definitely indicates that BT are throttling torrents at peak  
> times, at
> > least in my part of London - from early morning right through to  
> early
> > evening on weekdays, popular torrents will saturate my connection  
> but
> > will start slowing down at around 6pm and won't pick up speed again
> > until the early hours. I've observed this behaviour several times  
> over
> > the last few weeks, all on popular torrents with thousands of seeds
> > and leechers   :\   not good

BT will  throttle you to ~1Mb/s between 6pm -> midnight on weekdays if  
they feel you have broken their fair use policy. This applies to all  
protocols. I am currently waiting to see if the throttle is permanent  
or on a month by month basis (In this particular case I happened to  
transfer ~150GB of backup data from a co-located machine to my home).


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