[ubuntu-uk] Low cost, low usage broadband suppliers

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Apr 26 19:25:25 BST 2008

David Restall - System Administrator wrote:
> Hi
> is anybody aware  of a UK broadband supplier that has a product to
> replace a standard dialup ?
> I'm building a new desktop for my mum and she doesn't have broadband.
> I'm going to set her up to use dialup but this is not going to be ideal.
> What would be a better solution would be a low cost, ADSL connection with
> a lower download speed and/or a bandwidth limitation, say 1M/s 2G/month.
> The problem with dialup is the frequency of updates to Ubuntu - it's not
> unusual to get 20MB of patches/packages, this is a pain over a 56k modem
> but doable over a broadband connection.
> All the broadband suppliers have wonderful offers on the face of it,
> but they are for three months then they go up to 15-20 month.  This is
> massive overkill for my 'old dear' who only wants to pick up and send
> the odd email and sometimes surf the net.  She's not into mega-surfing
> for hours on end, audio content or downloading massive movies (it took
> me long enough to get her to get a digital TV and she still only watches
> BBC News 24 on the digital side and she uses the analogue for the other
> terrestrial channels).  I wouldn't call her a Luddite, but you know what
> I mean :-)

I would have suggested 3 Mobile broadband on PAYG for £69 + £10 per 
month top up, but as you say she's not technically literate so maybe 
that might be a bit confusing buying a top up.

I'm not sure if you'd find any broadband (at least ADSL) cheaper than 
about £13 a month.  You might be worth checking if she's in an area 
where it's enabled for Talktalk Free Broadband, but then Talktalk don't 
seem to be very good at setting up paperless billing or so I've heard.

Just had a quick browse, O2 offer 'up to 8 meg' for £7.50 if you're an 
O2 customer (even on PAYG) for 'unlimited' or £12.50 if you're not. 
It's a 12 month contract with free connection, but it is dependent on 
what exchange she's on (I presume because they use LLU'd lines).

Anyway, might be worth checking out.


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