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On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:24 PM, Stephen O'Neill
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>  I now have Hardy... been having 'fun' so far though - lots of xorg and
>  xserver dependency/conflict problems during the upgrade to start with. I
>  had to uninstall the nvidia-glx-new package, upgrade packages (xorg-core
>  installed at this point) then re-install.
>  Then when I rebooted and logged in I got a plethora of 'crash detected'
>  reports plus dozens for the broken dependencies on the upgrade.
>  Unsurprisingly I can't enable desktop effects now as although the nvidia
>  driver is enabled it doesn't seem to be working - glxgears don't run etc.
>  This isn't a plea for help, I shall sort the problems out and log bugs
>  if I manage to glean any information which would help a poor developer.
>  It may be that I have a 3rd party repository enabled that I shouldn't have.
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