[ubuntu-uk] Evolution irritation

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Apr 24 11:07:02 BST 2008


David Restall - System Administrator wrote:

> Me too until I had a similar problem.  The domain part is case insensitive
> because it follows the rules for DNS.  The local part is case sensitive -
> it follows the rules for local users and on (for example) UNIX dave is
> not the same as daVe (I won't mention the historical reason why DAVE is
> not a good UNIX logon :-)).  It works because most sensible sysadmins
> fold everything to one case or the other.  It's in the RFC's somewhere,
> I just can't remember where.

You are absolutely right! You have relieved me of a delusion I have held
for far too long:-) And there fore EVO is crazy to automatically change
the case of an e-mail address.

All our e-mail addresses here at Manchester are aliases and I suspect
they are case insensitive, but obviously the final delivery address is
case sensitive in the mailbox part.

> Diane, it's a pain and I hate it when I use any word processor that
> capitalises words for me - or indeed does anything automatically.
> Too often these systems think they are being clever and overriding them
> becomes a big irritant.  Having fewer clever features forces you to
> improve your proof reading and typing skills.

I agree.

> My other pet irritant is sysadmins who insist on aliasing rm to rm -i.

I agree with this too. You can always unalias it in your .bashrc file,
but yes, you shouldn't have to!

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