[ubuntu-uk] What to do with a spare laptop hard drive

matt at mattjones.me.uk matt at mattjones.me.uk
Mon Apr 21 21:04:45 BST 2008

Quoting Tim Dobson <personalwebsite at army.com>:

> Rob Beard wrote:
>> I'd go for the USB hard drive option, you never know when it might come
>> in handy.  IIRC you can also get some media players that take laptop
>> size hard drives (actually I might have mistaken them with 3.5" hard
>> drive players).  Other than that, you could always sell it on?
> My Archos Gmini 20GB small HD mp3 player has/had a 3.5" HD in it. I only
> found out when i broke the LCD though.
> I need to look into replacing that LCD....
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The Gmini 400 etc have a 1.8" hard drive in, I think one with a 3.5"  
desktop drive in would be somewhat less than portable. The Gmini's are  
good players, mine is starting to fall to pieces, but keeps soldiering  

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