[ubuntu-uk] Manchester Digitial Development Agency

Tim Dobson personalwebsite at army.com
Mon Apr 21 20:26:13 BST 2008

James Westby wrote:
> We're still looking for a venue for the packaging/bug jam, do you think
> this would be a good location?

I have never been/done a packaging/bug jam so I couldn't comment really 
- I don't know what would be good or what would be bad. I'm not sure if 
a packaging/bug jam would count as the same thing as our group in terms 
of funding but there is only one way to find out.

> How far is fairly far here? Would a months notice do?

Basically, if it's free, it's free. if it's not, it's not.
But they love you if you can warn them ages in advance.

I have no idea really, however I have contact details so I suggest you 
phone them up and ask nicely. If you say that someone from Manchester 
Free Software Group recommended you it would be nice, but it doesn't 
make any difference to us.

The main contact is
John Keys
j.keys at manchesterdda.com
0161 241 8212

The secondary contact is
Gerry Scappaticci
g.scappaticci at manchesterdda.com
0161 241 8218

MDDA's general telephone number is 0161 255 8111

let us know what the outcome is,



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