[ubuntu-uk] What to do with a spare laptop hard drive

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Apr 21 20:07:06 BST 2008

Thomas Ibbotson wrote:
> I guess this is a little off topic, but a bit of random googling didn't 
> really inspire me. I have a spare laptop hard drive and I want to do 
> something with it. I could of course buy a USB casing for it and have 
> yet another external hard drive, but I don't really need it. Some sort 
> of custom made media device might be cool, but it would probably end up 
> being pretty hefty.
> Any ideas welcome.
> Tom

I'd go for the USB hard drive option, you never know when it might come 
in handy.  IIRC you can also get some media players that take laptop 
size hard drives (actually I might have mistaken them with 3.5" hard 
drive players).  Other than that, you could always sell it on?


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